Sony Xperia Smartphones From CES 2012 (Hands-On Videos)

Sony Xperia Smartphones From CES 2012 (Hands-On Videos)


It’s raining smartphones at the ongoing CES 2012 and Sony has also jumped in on the action with their latest additions into the company’s popular Xperia line of smartphones. The four new smartphones, two among which will be released overseas in the coming months, have been beautifully designed and appear to be targeted at all the shutterbugs out there.

If you are a fan of the Apple iPhone 4S camera, you should realize that it’s got a Sony Exmor sensor in it. Sony’s new smartphones are also coming with pretty good shooting capabilities.

Sony Xperia S

The Xperia S (pictured above) is the first smartphone in the new Xperia NXT series, Sony’s next generation smartphones. The new device is coming equipped with a dual core 1.5GHz processor along with 1GB of RAM and features a 4.3 inch screen with a resolution of 720×1280, a front 1.3 MP cam and an impressive rear-facing 12MP shooter.

Our guys at CES found the device to be absolutely gorgeous. The device features a new design approach which is being dubbed “Iconic Identity” by Sony. It will be seen across all the upcoming smartphones in the Xperia NXT series.

The device features a transparent element at its base which provides illumination effects and integrates the handset’s antenna components. Other features include NFC, 32GB of internal memory, and a microSD card slot that supports cards of up to 32GB. The Xperia S will be available “globally” in yet-to-be-named markets in the coming months.

Sony Xperia Ion

As we reported earlier, the Xperia ion is an AT&T exclusive and is the first LTE smartphone to be announced by Sony. Other than that, the device is quite similar to the Xperia S specs wise. It’s got the same 12MP camera, same 1.5GHz Snapdragon processor, and the same NFC chip. But it comes with a slightly bigger screen, at 4.6-inches.

Other features include 16GB of built-in memory, a microSD card slot (cards of up to 32 GB), built-in HDMI-out port, a 1.3-megapixel front-facing camera capable of recording 720p video, and you will be able to share content via DLNA and Bravia Sync.

And it’s also PlayStation Certified, so you can expect some good entertainment services from Sony. That rear camera captures 1080p video at 30 frames per second. We found the cam especially fast. It was snapping clear photos almost instantaneously.

The big disappointment is that both the Ion and the Xperia S are coming with Android Gingerbread. But the company has promised an update to ICS sometime in the coming months. Both phones are coming with Sony’s own skin on top, which kinda looks unfinished. That might be why we experienced a bit of lag here and there. But the guys from Sony promised that the devices will be launched with the final software, so there won’t be any problems at the time.Xperia NX and Xperia acro HD

The Xperia NX is a variant of the Xperia S for the Japanese market. The Xperia acro HD, which is the follow-up to the company’s Xperia acro, is coming with Japan-specific features such as infrared port data exchange, mobile wallet and mobile TV.

Both the devices are coming with a 4.3inch screen, will sport that 12 MP cam and will be available in Japan from this spring.

Check out the hands-on videos and be sure to place your comments about the new handsets.

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