Monitor2Go Adds Dual Display To Android and iPad Tablets

Monitor2Go Adds Dual Display To Android and iPad Tablets


MMT has returned to CES with a revamped version of Monitor2Go. The display has a 15.6-inch screen, a 1600×900 resolution, and your choice of an iPad 2 or Android tablet slot hinged up to a rotatable display that can turn up, down, clockwise, and counterclockwise. Functioning in both landscape or portrait mode, it comes equipped with HDMI and USB outputs, enabling users to daisy chain up to six devices on a single port. Accountants and number wizards can accessorize it with a numeric keypad/trackpad, and a VES mounting bracket for wall hanging in your office.  Rugged aluminum is designed specifically to house, lock, and transport the tablet.  Look out for it in Q2 2012 for around $300.  Land on for preordering.

MMT Intros Mobile Display for Apple Devices, Smart Phones, Tablets and Notebooks

Innovative Design Encases Apple’s iPad2 and works with other Mobile Devices

ShowStoppers at CES 2012
2012 International CES
LAS VEGAS & BOSTON–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Mobile Monitor Technologies (MMT), innovator and maker of the world’s first mobile display, introduced a product at the CES 2012 Showstoppers Media Event that extends the share, work, and watch capabilities of portable displays beyond notebooks and PCs, across the universe of mobile devices.

“Our Field Monitor Pro, which launched and defined the world’s portable display category, was a huge success for business professionals and consumers alike”
Monitor2Go is a 15.6” LCD LED-backlit display that redefines the entire mobile monitor category. Monitor2Go boasts a 1600×900 HD+ screen that not only extends the displays of USB enabled notebooks and PCs, it also mirrors the displays of Apple devices (iPad, iPhone and iPod) and HDMI compatible smart phones and tablets, as well as carries, protects, and locks the iPad2.

“Our Field Monitor Pro, which launched and defined the world’s portable display category, was a huge success for business professionals and consumers alike,” said Larry Pensack, President of MMT. “It is used widely for business applications and general multi-tasking, while many also enjoy it for larger screen viewing of movies, videos, and photos. Now, Monitor2Go adds those benefits, and more, to mobile devices.”

An industry first, the patent-pending Monitor2Go is constructed in sleek and rugged aluminum designed specifically to house, lock, and transport the iPad2 as well as work with other mobile devices. And with over 140,000 apps for the iPad, there are likely to be unlimited uses for Monitor2Go’s large, fully rotatable display. For example:

Share – Rotate Monitor2Go’s 15.6” HD+ screen to share bright, vivid presentations, videos, games, apps, and more.

Work – Eliminate squinting and hunching over a small screen, with nearly triple the screen real estate of the average tablet. For the notebook, Monitor2Go will extend or mirror the screen for up to 30 percent more productivity as compared to single screen computing.

Watch – Connect any phone or media player with HDMI, and you’ve got a mobile theater. Movies, TV shows, home video and photo slideshows in crisp HD wherever you go.

Monitor2Go Features

15.6″ HD+ (1600 x 900) screen
One inch thick, under three pounds, yet fully protected aluminum and ABS construction
HDMI input, USB mini-B input and two spare USB A inputs
Works with all USB Windows and Mac laptops and desktops
Daisy chain up to 6 Monitor2Gos through DisplayLink USB virtual graphics
Works with HDMI devices – tablets, smart phones, DVD players and more
Carry, protect, and locks the iPad2
180 degree screen pivot and rotation, with landscape and portrait modes
Audio jack output for speakers and headphones when using HDMI input
Optional numeric keypad/trackpad accessory
Optional VESA mounting bracket for wall hanging
Availability and Pricing

Monitor2Go and a new model of the popular Field Monitor Pro will be available in early Q2 of 2012 with list prices under $300. To preorder, visit

About MMT

Massachusetts-based Mobile Monitor Technologies, LLC (MMT) ( specializes in lightweight durable portable displays for mobile professionals and consumers. MMT’s industry’s first, Field Monitor Pro, has enabled thousands of professionals to enjoy the productivity benefits of dual displays while out of their offices. With MMT’s latest entries, mobile device users also can enjoy the share, work, and watch benefits of portable displays at work, on the road, and at home.


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