Apple May Launch iPad 3 in March And iPad 4 in Oct

Apple May Launch iPad 3 in March And iPad 4 in Oct


According to a report published by CNet, Pegatron Technology, one of the leading manufacturers of Apple’s iPad, has already begun filling the iPad 3 orders, the device which is rumored to be released in March.

The new report also indicates that Pegatron Technology will be producing anywhere from 7 Million to 10 million iPad 4 units as well. This is according to a report published on the DigiTimes. According to the Rumor mill “Apple plans to launch the iPad 3 this coming March and then come back for another round in October with the “iPad 4,” where Apple will ship them with “killer applications”.

If there are going to be 2 iPad models launching in just one year, we can be sure of one thing; the first model of iPad to come out will not see many changes.  As we reported earlier, iLounge reportedly got their hands on what is supposed to be the next iPad and in that report it has been made clear that the next iPad to come out will not be much different when it comes to looks. So it seems that the next iPad will be iPad HD or iPad 2S bringing only an upgraded processor, better camera, more RAM and storage capacity, we’re not sure about the Retina Display on this one.

It would be very hard to predict what the iPad 4 will look like or what sort of hardware changes it will bring along. But we will try to take a shot at it anyway. The iPad 4 (or whatever it will be called) will probably feature all the enhancements that iPad 3 will have but probably will have a Retina Display powered by A6 Chip, more RAM, LED Flash? All that wrapped in traditional aluminum unibody with a slightly redesigned look.

Only time will tell if 2012 will be the year of 2 iPad releases.

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