Lost The Remote? There Is No Remote: Samsung Smart TV

Lost The Remote? There Is No Remote: Samsung Smart TV


Are you getting fed up with constantly searching for the remote control for your TV? If you are, welcome to the group. But the answer to our troubles appears to have arrived. With the newly unveiled Samsung Smart TV, we will be able to finally forget that old-school remote and do much, much more.

As you might remember, it was in 2008 that Samsung unveiled their first Smart TV. The latest addition into the company’s Smart TV line, which has been shown off at CES 2012, appears to be totally different from what we have seen earlier.

We are talking about a TV that will “listen, see and do what you want, without ever touching the remote control”.

The TV is coming with an integrated camera which will allow you access to video conference and gesture-based controls. And the TV’s microphone will allow it to listen to you. So the new TV is sort of like the cross between Apple’s Siri and Microsoft’s Kinect motion-sensor system.

Each family member will be able to sign into their personal profiles all thanks to face recognition, and you will be able to issue voice commands to control the TV.

The new Smart LED TV also comes equipped with a dual core processor which helps in multitasking. You will be able to enjoy regular TV and at the same time multitask between a Web browser and apps like Netflix and there won’t be any need to close a program.

The Smart TV has a thin bezel along with a U-shaped stand. Content can be accessed through the Smart TV Hub. New services that are coming include Family Store which will allow family members to communicate with each other, an app that will allow you to keep an eye on what your kids are watching and much more.

And best of all, the TV will learn by itself through updates. So there won’t be any need to go after new TVs for quite some time. By 2013, you will be able to play with a pluggable device called EvolutionKit that will be updating your smart TV.