Xerox’s Portable Scanner Scans To Wi-Fi, Clouds And Androids

Xerox’s Portable Scanner Scans To Wi-Fi, Clouds And Androids


What is the first thing that comes to mind when you hear the word “Xerox”, is it copiers by chance? Xerox is certainly a well-known name in the copying/scanning business, although it has done much more than that throughout its rich history including the creation of one of the first GUIs, Xerox Parc Alto.

Today though, Xerox is announcing a new scanner that is nothing short of genius. The Xerox Mobile Scanner is a very slim (2×2.75×11.5-in), portable color scanner that is battery-powered and designed for uploading and sending to the cloud, PC, Mac, Android, iPad, and iPhone.

While I personally am not in need of such a device, I can imagine many business professionals in a variety of fields could find such a scanner invaluable.

Imagine that a client, or perhaps your boss, needs an urgent file that you only have as a paper copy, but you are away from the office and nowhere near your Scanner/Fax machine. With Xerox’s new mobile solution you have access to a portable solution that includes a mobile app for uploading the file and sending it from your phone, tablet, or PC.

The Scanner is set to go on sale very soon through Xerox’s website for $249.99.