iCade Core, Mobile And Jr. Mobile Gaming Units Unveiled At CES

iCade Core, Mobile And Jr. Mobile Gaming Units Unveiled At CES


There seems to be no shortage of arcade-style pads for both Android, iPad, and iPhone. Still, among a sea of accessories, one of the most well known devices in this niche is none other than the iCade. What was already good is becoming great.

This unique arcade cabinet is getting a new, streamlined version that is still just for the iPad but this time offers a better design and a specially design cradle that allows you to easily load and unload your iPad safely while still delivering a secure fit.

The new iCade model, the “iCade Core”, connects through bluetooth and allows you to easily swivel your rotation for games from horizontal to vertical, depending on your game.

While the authentic arcade-style joystick and button layout remain in tact, the new model enables owners more flexibility in design, and an overall less obtrusive design than the original.

The iCade Core will hit stores sometime later this year, but as of now we have no official word on the pricing for the new model.

For the iPod or iPhone, the new iCade Mobile could be what you’re looking for. Set for release in Q2 2012, the iCade Mobile adds four shoulder buttons, four face buttons and a dpad to your device. Landscape and portrait modes are supported, this one is $80.

If you are looking for something a bit more retro like the original iCade, iPhone or iPod touch gamers can keep an eye on the iCade Jr, it looks like its in prototype stages now.

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