AT&T Gets Outed As Samsung Galaxy Note Carrier

AT&T Gets Outed As Samsung Galaxy Note Carrier


Accessory company, Anymode, sent out their invites just a few days ago for everyone to come meet them at CES 2012, and in doing so has let the cat out of the bag: AT&T will unveil the Samsung Galaxy Note at CES.

Anymode is AT&T’s official vendor for accessories regarding the upcoming hybrid tablet/smartphone, the Samsung Galaxy Note. That being said it is very likely that the company did not have permission to release information about the Samsung Galaxy Note before AT&T could, so we will see how that affects their working relationship down the road.

So what do we know about the upcoming Galaxy Note so far? A fair amount since Slashgear already has a full review for the European version, which is included in the video below. Check it out and expect to see a slightly different US market model here at CES in the next day or so.