Advanced Microphone Technology Transforms Any Surface to Multitouch

Advanced Microphone Technology Transforms Any Surface to Multitouch


Those of you who are a bit tired of using your finger on usual glass touchscreens might be interested in this new project. Bruno Zamborlin’s Mogees or “mosaicing gestural surface” appears to be paving the way for a new touch interface technology for the future.

The idea is very simple – “real time gesture recognition with contact microphones”. By utilizing a contact microphone and complex audio processing software, Zamborlin and his team have showed that it is possible to determine the placement and direction of gestures on any surface, including a balloon.

Mogees receives input from the stethoscope-like contact microphone that you see above and analyzes it for recognizing gesture.

That contact microphone actually contains multiple microphones which will help to create a stereo image of the sounds it hears. The vibrations that are made with your fingers on a surface are analyzed and converted into gestures on a PC connected to the microphone via that black cable. These gestures are converted into sounds using MaxMSP, which is a visual programming language for creating music and other multimedia stuff.

The researchers haven’t given out any details regarding possible applications for Mogees. But it is always fun to imagine, right?

What if you could keep your handset in your pocket and you could just tap your leg to answer a call? Imagine scrolling down a webpage on your laptop by touching your finger on the table. Taking gestures off of the device and moving them into its vicinity seems to be a whole lot fun. Maybe all those will be part of our future.

Check out Bruno Zamborlin’s blog here and check out the video to know more about Morgees.