26 Grand Later, The Vertu Dragon Phone

26 Grand Later, The Vertu Dragon Phone


Nokia might be busy buddying up with Microsoft on their Windows Phone ambitions, but it looks like the separate Vertu division is still around doing what it has always done: jazz up relatively mediocre phones and sell them for astronomical prices. And apparently they have three brand new creations for the Year of the Dragon.

With the Lunar New Year in just a couple of short weeks, Vertu has announced three new luxury handsets that all boast some of kind of dragon-themed design. As is the norm with Vertu, they’ve loaded these phones with high-end materials. There’s the gold and diamond model, as well as the stainless steel and emerald version, plus the one with black stainless steel and ruby. The four-claw dragon on the battery cover is hand-engraved.

Since these are Vertu phones, the actual specs don’t really matter all that much. Rumor has it that they haven’t gone ahead and shifted over to WP7 for this latest generation, sticking to Symbian which they have had for some time already. These are limited edition and are expected to sell for over $26,000 US. Find them in Singapore, if you happen to be out that way and have way too much money to spend.