Galaxy Nexus Root Toolkit Roots And Unlocks Bootloader

Galaxy Nexus Root Toolkit Roots And Unlocks Bootloader


As reported by Phandroid, developer WugFresh from has created a Root Toolkit for the Galaxy Nexus that gives you two different functions. Function “Unlock + Root” unlocks the bootloader and roots your device, while “Unroot + OEM Lock” will get you back to factory stock firmware. You can even install the latest Samsung drivers and SDK with a single click, as this screenshot shows.

Here’s a short instruction for deploying this tool:

  • Install the program by double clicking the GnexRootToolkit.sfx.exe
– This will extract the contents to %PROGRAMFILES%\GnexRootToolkit
– Place shortcuts on your Desktop and Start Menu\Progarms
– Launch the program for first use
  • Use the Drivers + SDK option first to install and configure the necessary components to your system
  • Click the “Unlock + Root” or “Unroot + OEM lock” buttons depending on what you want to do
– Simply follow onscreen instructions; it should be self explanatory
  • Note that the “Unroot + OEM lock” procedure can also be used to just flash back to stock without re-locking
– Simply follow onscreen instructions, and when it gets to the re-locking procedure… just exit the script.


File size: 266 MB
CRC-32: 491836dd
MD4: 7e41a55af76b6039202ed48f845ba5db
MD5: 295ee004f0db3bcd65c8b608b229ae1d
SHA-1: cf91f41cf52ee3a506eaeabce90872ebd9868dfe

There are some caveats while using this tool though. As WugFresh himself has posted:

Your data will be erased when you unlock it. It will say that explicitly on your device when you get to the unlock screen. You need to take your own steps to preserve your data, like backing up your sdcard contents to your computer, using apps like SMS backup+ for your texts.. ect. Once you are rooted though, you can use an app like ROM toolbox or Titanium backup to make full backups of your data and apps, or even better, you can use ClockworkMod to make full backups or your entire device; one of the main benefits of rooting.

Rooting and unlocking Galaxy Nexus was achieved earlier by other developers (Team Black Hat and Snow02), it’s just this simple “one-click” tool that makes it attractive for many more users of Galaxy Nexus. The tool is reported as working fine, as advertised.