Apple iPhone Cord-On-Board Case By CaseInity (Video)

Apple iPhone Cord-On-Board Case By CaseInity (Video)


The Apple iPhone is definitely an awesome smartphone with a lot of cool features that make life a whole lot better. But when it comes to charging, the device is similar to any other smartphone. To plug it in, you have to find a charging cable first. That’s certainly not an easy thing to do when it’s lying under all those magazines or hidden away deep inside one of your shelves. The answer to your troubles has just arrived.

The Cord-On-Board iPhone case from CaseInity is what you need. The idea behind the case is very simple. The shock-resistant iPhone case comes with a 9.5″ charging cable tucked neatly inside, so that you can access the cable when needed.

Obviously, the case is a bit chubby for providing room for the cable. But the extra space to play with helped the makers to add to the protection. They have made the case using a rubbery thermoplastic material, which will allow the case to withstand most falls.

But the makers are currently deeply in need for help with the funding. They have so far raised about $1k at Kickstarter, but that’s far away from the aimed $20k. If you are interested in playing with one of the first cases, just add $25 bucks into their funding bucket.

Check out the video to learn more about the new case. In the video, you will see an iPhone being thrown around everywhere to prove that the new case is tough. We are not sure whether that iPhone made it after the stunts.