Gizmodo: MacBook Air Named ‘Most Important Gadget of the Year’

Gizmodo: MacBook Air Named ‘Most Important Gadget of the Year’


As with any other year, 2011 saw the release of all sorts of new technologies and gadgets. From more mirrorless interchangeable lens cameras to an onslaught of tablets and e-readers, we saw a lot of it. But what device can be singled out as the most important? According to Gizmodo readers, it’s the 2011 MacBook Air.

The decision was made by the readers who voted on a single-elimination tournament bracket conjured up by the Giz. Other notable entries in this tournament included the Galaxy Nexus, iPad 2, Chevy Volt, Lumia 800, Nintendo 3DS, and even the HP TouchPad. In the grand finals, it was the MacBook Air that narrowly defeated (50.87 percent to 49.13) the Amazon Kindle Fire.

The arguments were fierce and sound for both finalists. The Kindle Fire was able to bring tablet functionality down to a much more reasonable price, offering 95% of the features at a fraction of the cost. The new MacBook Air, however, really fulfilled its earlier promise of giving you real laptop power in an increasingly slim and sleek package. It paved the way for next year’s ultrabook barrage, just as the original iPhone paved the way for the army of touchscreen phones. The MBA certainly wasn’t the first thin and light, but it did push the format to the forefront.

Do you agree? Is the MBA the most important gadget of 2011? What would you have picked?