Behrens Concept Device For A Biofuel Generating Robot

Behrens Concept Device For A Biofuel Generating Robot


Living in a world where gas and oil prices are certainly on the rise, Rudolph Behrens has come up with a theoretical solution for preparing/gathering biofuel. He has begun raising funds at Kickstarter for a 26×14 foot robot that uses a wind turbine with radial blades on top and a PV panel.

This combination generates 12 kilowatts and has enough energy to power thermal depolymerization, biomass cultivation, and biomass extraction.

I won’t pretend to be an expert in biofuel and the technology involved, but essentially this robot would be capable of producing its own biofuel solution. The waste product would also be used as a fertilizer in the biomass growth tanks for the robot and so therefore nothing would be wasted or discharged into the sea.

While people could actually gather what is needed for biofuel without this robot, it is considered dull, repetitive work and an unmanned vessel would likely cost a lot less than a manned vessel, or at least Behrens calims.

The machine is supposed to cost only around $1200 in parts and materials but takes about 140 man-hours to put together. Interesting concept I suppose, and for those interested in biofuel and the technology involved it is certainly worth taking a look at.