Casio Launching A New Bluetooth “Smart Watch” In Japan

Casio Launching A New Bluetooth “Smart Watch” In Japan


Casio Japan is preparing to launch the G-Shock GB-6900 in March. The G-Shock is a special wristwatch that connects to specific smartphone models like the Medias LTE N-04D using Bluetooth LE.

With Casio’s unique “smart watch”, you can be certain that your time is always accurate through automatic synchronization with your phone. In addition to this, it functions as a device that shows incoming calls, emails, and SMS on its display.

The big ‘show case’ feature on the Casio G-Shock GB-6900 is its use of the new Bluetooth LE technology which uses just a fraction of the energy of previous Bluetooth versions. Additionally, the device is blessed with great battery life of about two years with a conventional CR2032 button battery.

Personally, I think that 18,000 YEN (about US $231) is a lot to pay for a Casio watch, but I suppose if you have the cash to burn it could be a unique accessory that could appeal to some users.