Source “Claims” iPad 3 Will Be Unveiled At iWorld In January

Source “Claims” iPad 3 Will Be Unveiled At iWorld In January


As of late, there has been no shortage of rumors regarding Apple products, particularly the iPad. Now it seems that yet another rumor has surfaced, this time courtesy of sources allegedly from Apple supply chain partners.

According to the new information, Apple is set to unveil its next-gen iPad at the iWorld conference on January 26th. This doesn’t follow Apple’s previous release history and really gives little weight to this rumor. The source claims that this time around there will be two versions introduced that will join the iPad 2 (not necessarily replacing it) to give Apple a full range of tablet products that can target the entry-level, mid-range, and high-end market segments.

The source claims that the iPad 2 will stick around as a competing product for Amazon’s Kindle Fire in the lower-end market segment, while the new models cater to mid and high-end users. Unless Apple introduces a massive discount on the iPad 2 after launching these next two models, I’m not sure how well a fit the iPad 2 is for low-market competition. Of course, if such a mark down could see the iPad 2 drop to as little as $300-$349 I have a feeling that many users interested in the Kindle would be willing to spring the extra $100-$150 for Apple’s tablet.

Previous rumors suggested one of these models might be a 7.85-inch tablet, but if this new source proves true it seems that both models will in fact feature QXGA (1536×2048) resolution  9.7-inch displays. They will also include Dual-LE light bars in order to strengthen the brightness of the panels, the source claims.

As we have mentioned here at Mobile Magazine in the past, Sharp will in fact be the major panel supplier for the next-gen iPad, though Samsung and LG will also be responsible for a part of the orders.

Apple will continue to use Samsung, however, to produce the quad-core A6 processors for the iPad 3 models and will be one of many vendors producing the CMOS image sensor for one of the iPad versions that includes a 5MP lens.

The shear sheer amount of information accompanying the supposed ‘leaked’ information certainly looks and sounds believable enough. We’ll have to wait until iWorld to know for sure, I imagine.