Dual Display uBook Notebook To Be Demoed At CES

Dual Display uBook Notebook To Be Demoed At CES


The idea isn’t exactly new, but it hasn’t really become a mainstream form factor yet either. The Universal Notebook by NajmTek takes on the shape of a regular laptop, but it comes with a touchscreen display where the regular keyboard would normally be found.

Also dubbed simply as the uBook, the NajmTek Universal Notebook is set to be showcased at CES 2012 in a little over a week. The demo video seems to indicate that the notebook can be setup to work with Windows or Linux, though it’s unclear whether this is in a dual-boot configuration or as a choice from the factory.

Naturally, the lower touchscreen is designed to adapt to the current situation. You can have a QWERTY or AZERT keyboard, for instance, as well as program-specific layouts for graphic design and whatever else. NajmTek says that you can also create your own custom designs and layouts. The rest of the specs, like processor choices and screen sizes, remain murky at best.