Toyota Aqua: The Even More Compact Hybrid Commuter Car

Toyota Aqua: The Even More Compact Hybrid Commuter Car


are increasing in popularity and in variety. Even within Toyota, they have introduced some new variants to the Prius line, but what if you want something even smaller and even more efficient? That’s where the newly revealed Toyota Aqua cruises into the picture.

The Toyota Aqua, from what I can see, looks to be roughly Yaris-sized and is purpose-built for the Japanese urban commuter. This is Toyota’s smallest hybrid offering on the market and it is said to get 35.4 km per liter; that works out to about 83MPG or 2.8L/100km. That’s better than its Prius stablemate, which “only” gets 32.6 km per liter.

The good news is that Toyota isn’t keeping the Aqua to just the roads of Japan. They have plans to roll it out worldwide next year to about 50 countries around the globe. It may not be known as the Aqua when it reaches a dealership near you, though, as it is being marketed as the Prius c on the international market. The European version is based on the Yaris, but gets the same hybrid system.

Pricing for the Toyota Aqua in the Japanese domestic market is set to start at 1.69 million yen (about $22,000), though the local price in other markets will surely vary.