Kindle Fire Runs Ice Cream Sandwich

Kindle Fire Runs Ice Cream Sandwich


It was an early Ice Cream Sandwich build demoed at Liliputing couple of days ago.

Since then, the development efforts were concentrated on elimination of serious flaws of this ‘pre-alpha’ build of ICS by JackpotClavin:

— SD card was not mounting, and many apps that require presence of it might not work properly, or weren’t install at all;

— video was not working;

— sound was not working, most of the time

— micro-freezes of UI here and there, force-closures of apps.

Update for JackpotClavin’s pre-alpha ICS build was released by XDA-Developers member bl1nkk that addresses some of these bugs and problems:

Landscape support in the launcher: Use Trebuchet to enable landscape support in the launcher. Nebkat is working on this almost every day, check the thread from time to time for even more changes. It’s also the CM9 launcher if you didn’t know yet.

It has a menu button in the drawer.
Trebuchet settings → General → Auto-rotate screen
And landscape mode should work.

SDCard mounting: push /system/bin/vold from CM7 to your device and set its permissions to 777.
I uploaded it for you right here.
MD5: f2ba34b9e0a18a8621abd6b82fbe334e

Rom, including the fixes above: XperiaPlayer packaged all fixes in a flashable zip right here. It’s a complete ROM, not just a patch. If you do a clean flash, use this one!
MD5: 81fb293c32016f8ca3c09df3e9612d8d

Whenever you feel like you’d want to experiment with your Kindle Fire, or just out of curiosity, you can try it:

ROM: | 821a44ed5cf44f6be1110da868de9ddd
Google Apps Addon: | fcb89b851b1d6abb202c2a63586d829b

Root & Superuser: This rom is rooted already, just install Superuser from the market or flash this in TWRP.
MD5: a5d14dc42323a61caf71549a885af8c3

As of now, the update doesn’t offer all the fixes, plus more bugs and glitches are discovered

Just don’t forget to install TWRP, a customized Kindle Fire recovery utility, before your experiments with this ICS build. BradLinder of Liliputing has also another video that can help you to install the pre-alpha ICS build:

There’s also a detailed instruction published at Liliputing, so the process of transforming Kindle Fire into Ice Cream Sandwich tablet can be accomplished much easier than it may sound out of the explanations here.

The ICS on Kindle Fire project goes in parallel with previous efforts of g1011999 on building ICS.