The Retailer That Stole Christmas

The Retailer That Stole Christmas


As a child one of my favorite family traditions was to sit down and watch the animated tale of Dr. Seuss’ “How the Grinch Stole Christmas”.

The idea of how the Grinch changed his heart when he realized that the true spirit of Christmas was something more than gifts and Christmas feasts. The Grinch took away the presents, sure, but he couldn’t kill the Christmas spirit.

Now it’s time to test how well this theory works out in the real world, where a move by Best Buy now has people comparing my favorite Dr. Seuss character to the large electronics retailer.

The Grinch, in the form of Best Buy, did in fact take presents away from the tree this year in the form of canceled orders.

Although Best Buy hasn’t released specific information about how many orders it had to cancel, what is apparent is they took in more online purchases than they could handle, ran out of supplies, and then waited just under a week before Christmas to bother and tell anyone about it.

We all know there are some risks when it comes to online shopping, such as chances of credit card theft or online cancellations. We are supposed to be comforted that larger chains like Walmart, Amazon, and Best Buy have us covered and won’t let us down- this event certainly doesn’t give us much comfort though.

According to the Wall Street Journal though, Best Buy is merely going to experience a minor hiccup that won’t in the long run hurt their holiday sales. So in this story the corporate version of the Grinch didn’t learn a valuable lesson about Christmas when he took away all the presents.

For those who complain enough Best Buy will issue them a gift card, but those who take it in stride like the Whos down in Whoville did, will largely be left with nothing other than a refund.

Not exactly the heartwarming Christmas classic as I remember it, but nonetheless not that particularly surprising. The lesson here? For consumers: Be careful about online shopping around the holidays. For the retailers: Don’t bite off more than you can chew. When you run low on stock, stop taking new orders!