Portable Atari Jaguar Mod By Evil Nod

Portable Atari Jaguar Mod By Evil Nod [Video]


The Atari Jaguar, which was originally launched back in 1993, was a commercial failure. But it has definitely become a favorite for many hackers and modders out there. User Evil Nod over at Bacteria Forums has created his own portable version of the console and it looks quite impressive.

If you haven’t been living under a rock until now you might know that this new product is not the first of its kind. Ben Heckendorn took this route once in 2006 to create his portable version.

Now, Evil Nod has used the PS1 display to create a compact console which is about 1.75-inches thick. It’s definitely a bit bulky when compared to Heck’s build, but Evil Nod has managed to create a product which does not need a giant battery or a cartridge slot at the back. He has kept everything inside a textured black shell.

He has not released any details regarding battery life or weight which are factors that can make or break a portable system. But he has documented the entire production process extensively. Check it out here.

The video shows a game running smoothly on the system.