Multiponk Arrives On Android

Multiponk Arrives On Android


Atari’s Pong is an undeniable classic. You pass around a ball while you move a line that represents a ‘paddle’. It is a multiplayer affair that might not be the most complicated game in history, but has a place in many retro gamers hearts.

For almost two years, iOS users have enjoyed Fingerlab’s unique recreation of the Pong experience, Multiponk. The unique game is essentially a version of pong that can have up to four players and has seven different unique game modes.

The best part is that it is now coming to Android as well. For those of us that are looking for a good multiplayer game for our tablets (or even phones), this could certainly be a treat. For those who played the original in the arcade or owned an Atari 2600, the nostalgia is enough reason alone to buy this game. Until December 28th the game will be available for only $.99, afterward it will raise up to $5.