Android Handset’s Display Resolution Improved Using LCD Resolution App

Android Handset’s Display Resolution Improved Using LCD Resolution App [Video]


You might have your own favorite Android apps, but we encourage you to check this one out. The LCD Resolution app will allow you to make the most of your Android smartphone’s high resolution display.

With the LCD Resolution app, which has been developed by Wemobs Labs, you can “force” the display resolution of your Android phone to be better than what it was shipped with. The app just changes the pixel density and it will appear like you have changed the display resolution.

The discovery comes to us courtesy of the folks over at Pocketnow who have released a video (posted below) showing how the new app works.

You just need to have a rooted Android handset for the app to work. And it will be better if your Android handset has a high resolution display, such as the one on the Samsung Galaxy Note, the HTC Rezound, or the Samsung Galaxy Nexus.

After you launch the app, you can adjust the screen density using a simple slider. By lowering the screen density, you will be able to make use of the big screen that is available to you. You can pack in more items on the screen at one time.

But it appears like playing with LCD Resolution might break some stock applications, although most other programs will work just fine. Check out the video to take a peek at the app working on the Galaxy Note and the Galaxy S II, and head here if you want to download the new app.