Amazon Stops Hiding eReader Apps

Amazon Stops Hiding eReader Apps


In its AppStore, Amazon chose to never show its competion’s eReaders apps: Wattpad’s, Kobo’ reader, and Bluefire ePUB and PDF reader.  After some talks of Amazon and Wattpad, the alternative eReaders now showing in the Amazon’s collection of apps, apparently available to download to Amazon Kindle Fires.

Sideloading of these and other eReaders apps from sources other than Amazon AppStore was never a problem, and sideloaded apps worked just fine. Yet sideloading procedures to do just that, or to bring in the full Google’s Android Market might turn out to be a tidbit too complex for the majority of Amazon Kindle Fire users.

It would be second step that Amazon takes with its recent firmware update to be more useful to Kindle Fire customers. First step was lifting a block that prevented Fire users to visit Google’s Android Market’s Web page. Does this mean you can now install Android Market apps to the Kindle Fire over the web? Not exactly, because there’s no simple way to associate the Kindle Fire with a Google account, which is how Google’s web-based Android Market links to devices.

Then again, a new firmware update for Kindle Fire (6.2.1) breaks the root access to the tablet which is needed to tweak Kindle Fire into recognizing a person’s Google account. So far, if your Kindle Fire was upgraded to 6.2.1 version of its firmware, there’s no easy procedure of rooting it according to the community of developers just yet.  Any alternative eReaders that are not associated with Wattpad’s were reportedly pulled back into hiding.

It’s a full-blown cat and mouse game again. However, it’s good to know that Amazon listens to their customer base, even if clumsy half-measures come out of it so far.