Jeff Bezos (Not Really) Defends Kindle Fire On Conan O’Brien

Jeff Bezos (Not Really) Defends Kindle Fire On Conan O’Brien


Conan decided to poke some fun at Amazon’s successful Kindle Fire Android tablet. If you haven’t seen it, here’s the clip:

It was well known fact that having a single button (no volume rocker) on Kindle Fire is quite a downer, but Conan’s flick goes further: power button can presumably be turned OFF too easily (well, it’s not), so the Kindle Fire customer can use a piece of duct tape to protect it. Protection of Kindle Fire from catching a real fire somehow is equally hilarious, if not very practical. Fire extinguishers can do better…

Obviously, Amazon’s Jeff Bezos understands the value of publicity for its product, be it good, or bad, or even this slapstick comedy. Even the first presentation of the Amazon Kindle Fire had that clown who repeatedly called the Fire’s screen as having “169 pixels per SQUARE inch”. Demoed Silk browser was tested and didn’t show any Web page loading advantages whatsoever. Did these pranks help Amazon to sell more Fires? Now you can be sure they did.

To see it in better perspective, remember that a similar product with a tad better tech specs and user experience named NOOK Color by Barnes & Noble apparently lags behind Kindle Fire in sales numbers. That is, being serious about your product doesn’t really help when your competition is clowning around at every opportunity.