EDGE Design Releases High-Grade Aluminum Cases For iPhone

EDGE Design Releases High-Grade Aluminum Cases For iPhone


For those of you out there that feel your beloved iPhone deserves something better than a plastic case or rubber band for its casing, EDGE Design has you covered with its unique line of high-strength aluminum cases.  According to the company, the cases are inspired by the Modulo concept car by Pininfarina.  I don’t see it, but hey, it’s worth mentioning.

The cases are named the Alfa and Aktiv, both of which are compatible with iPhone 4 and 4S. They use high-strength aluminum in conjunction with a polymer band that suspends the phone inside the case. This helps with shock absorption when dropped and also keeps the aluminum from short-cutting the antenna in the phone.

Both models are priced at $99 each and will come in multiple colors. While a bit expensive, if the extra durability and looks of the phone appeal to you, and they would actually prevent a screen from smashing, it might be worth it. The phone cases are directly available from EDGE Design’s website. As for me personally, I have my Android smartphone in a cheap $15 plastic case, but that’s just me.