Anti-Theft Car Seat Identifies Driver With 360 Sensors

Anti-Theft Car Seat Identifies Driver With 360 Sensors


With all the advances in technology, anti-theft measures for automobiles really haven’t moved along at the same pace. If someone steals your car remote, they can get in, start your car, and drive off with it. There has to be a better way to protect your vehicle from theft and that’s exactly why some researchers in Japan have come up with a way to use your butt as a protective measure.

More specifically, they have developed an anti-theft car seat that can effectively identify the person sitting in it. The seat itself is outfitted with 360 sensors and it measures the pressure applied at each of these sensors, generating a 3D representation of the weight and weight distribution. The way you sit is like a fingerprint.

The pressure information read by each sensor is then sent to a central laptop, which can then take all that aggregate information to identify key data and identify the driver. The researchers at Tokyo’s Advanced Institute of Industrial Technology say that this system is 98% accurate for identifying drivers. There’s just one huge problem. After a few holiday feasts, your bum signature may be a little heftier than normal. In any case, their goal is to see this tech in consumer-ready cars within the next two or three years.