QP Lightpad Enlarges Your Smartphone Screen From 11″ to 60″

QP Lightpad Enlarges Your Smartphone Screen From 11″ to 60″


Today’s smartphones are highly capable of high-end video streaming, Internet browsing, and even games that put last-generation home consoles nearly to shame. Of course, the downside to using a phone for such efforts is the small screen involved. This is where tablets come in as highly-mobile alternatives that have larger screens for video and gaming.

Another solution though, is the new QP Optoelectronics “LightPad“. This unique device has a folio-style setup that combines a keyboard with an 11-inch rear projection screen. This makes ideal for productivity, but also gives it a larger screen for watching videos and playing games. The first generation model only sports a 854×480 resolution but the company promises that by the next-gen they should have a working HD 1280×720 resolution device as well.

What’s even cooler is that the unit can flip around to create up to a 60-inch display through its projection technology and will work with any smartphone that has MHL or HDMI ports. The unique projection device will debut officially at the 2012 CES Event.

While the projection screen system seems like a unique way to get things done, it also doesn’t seem like the most portable option. For office and home use though, this could really come in handy. Not to mention performing presentations using your smartphone.