Dark Knight Rises Official Trailer Out

Dark Knight Rises Official Trailer Out


It seems that the newest Batman installment, “The Dark Knight Rises“, has its official trailer up and ready for our viewing pleasure. Originally released as a bootleg, Apple put the real version online yesterday.

The newest film in the Batman series focuses on Bane, Catwoman, and the end of a peace over Gotham that has seen Batman out of commission for a while.  It takes place eight years after the death of Harvey Dent and looks to be even more epic than ever before.

While I could keep talking about the film, a picture is worth 1000 words, and a video is worth a million. You get a quick look at the rugged Tumbler’s in action that we saw a sneak peak of this past summer.

Check out the video below and start preparing yourself for the next big entry in the Batman saga due out July 20th, 2012.