iVigilo iOS App Remotely Monitors IP Security Cameras

iVigilo iOS App Remotely Monitors IP Security Cameras


Many security camera systems require permanent mounting and bulky solutions that aren’t appropriate for temporary installations and on-the-go security.

Luckily, the iVigilo Smartcam Pro app has you covered with a truly mobile security camera solution that includes a built-in webserver to broadcast your iPhone or even iPad’s camera signal to the internet.

With the iVigilo app you can watch the security feed anywhere in the world from the Internet. The device supports multiple different video stream qualities, front and back camera support, option user id and password settings, and an easy-to-use web interface for viewing the video.

The iVigilo app also adds motion and face detection alongside the capabilities to send you an alert when a face is detected. This alert can even include a picture of what was caught on camera.
Now for many of us, such a solution probably doesn’t seem necessary. Keep in mind though that for those that are in the business world, such a solution to protect their hotel rooms might not sound like such a bad idea, for example.

Even if you only have need to use the app on rare occasions, for $1.99 USD you really have little to lose.  There’s a non-pro version for free if you just want to try it out.

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