The Lap Of Speedy Luxury With $130 Million Maltese Falcon Sailing Yacht

The Lap Of Speedy Luxury With $130 Million Maltese Falcon Sailing Yacht


For people in my income bracket, owning a yacht at all is pretty far out there. But when all of your peers are multimillionaires, it almost becomes a necessity and it constantly becomes a game of who’s got the bigger boat. Venture capitalist Tom Perkins is among the top, cruising around the world in his Maltese Falcon luxury sailing yacht. It’s fast, it’s luxurious, it’s techie… and it’s expensive.

Worth about $130 million, the Maltese Falcon measures an impressive 289 feet long and 40 feet wide. It has fifteen sails across its three masts, soaring as high as 20 stories above the deck. The speedy devil can reach up to 18 knots, crossing the Atlantic Ocean in just ten days.

Speed is one thing, but when you’re rich, you want to be comfortable too. There’s no shortage of plasma TVs and yacht-wide WiFi connectivity, of course, as well plenty of high-end finishes. It can accommodate up to 12 guests at a time quite comfortably with its five lower deck staterooms and one VIP cabin on the upper deck. Need to get ashore (or bail)? There are two 32 foot RIB tenders, four laser sailing boats, and one 14 foot Castold jet tender.

This third largest sailing yacht in the world also comes with the Falcon Rig, a DynaRig sailing system that can adjust those masts with the push of a button. Who has time to actually push masts and things around when you’re sipping on champagne and snacking on caviar?