Dev Teams Race Toward Untethered Jailbreak For Apple iOS 5 Devices

Dev Teams Race Toward Untethered Jailbreak For Apple iOS 5 Devices


A little friendly competition never hurt anyone. In fact, it’s usually a good thing for consumers and this happens to be true with the jailbreak community too. Both Pod2g from Chronic Dev-team and MuscleNerd from iPhone Dev-team are working hard to provide an untethered jailbreak for iOS5, particularly with A5-powered iDevices. And they’re both getting awfully close.

While there are already two jailbreak solutions out there for iOS 5, but they’re both tethered and neither works with A5 iDevices (iPhone 4S and iPad 2). The untethered jailbreaks from Chronic Dev-team and iPhone Dev-team sound like they’re almost ready though. Pod2g of Chronic Dev-team posted a video link last Friday demonstrating an untethered jailbreak. MuscleNerd from iPhone Dev-team tweeted that the “upcoming redsn0w release makes both TinyUmbrella and Cydia blob saves useful for 5.0+ (1st verifies, then stitches).” The blob allows for the unlock and jailbreak. MuscleNerd seems a little more bent on a way into A5, but it looks like Pod2g want in on that too.

To make matters even better, the newest iPhone software has “wide open main fs,” meaning that it has an “unencrypted ramdisk with the VFDencypt key in plain text.” What does this mean in layman’s terms? “Everybody can decrypt the filesystem with it.” Another in-road. The untethered jailbreak must be right around the corner.