Aquabotix Hydroview Wired Sub Swims 5 Knots, Has 1080p Camera

Aquabotix Hydroview Wired Sub Swims 5 Knots, Has 1080p Camera


If you ever dreamed of traveling the sea like Captain Nemo or Jacques Yves Cousteau, the Aquabotix Hydroview Submarine may help you get there.

The 10-pound submarine can be yours for just $2,995, shipping and handling included. It’s a tethered device with cable lengths between 50, 150, or 300 ft. It also comes in 2 models; the Hydroview Sport and Hydroview Pro, with a Pro version diving deeper: up to 150 ft compared to 75 ft of Sport. The Pro version also glides faster (5 knots forward and 2 knots in reverse, compared to the 3 knots forward and 1 knot reverse of the Sport), and the battery lasts longer too: 3 hours versus 2 hours with Sport. The pictured model is the Sport (perhaps in this red color), and the Pro version will be painted Amber. It’s unclear which of these two models has got priced, but good chances are the Hydroview Pro by Aquabotix than the $2,995.

The unmanned submarine is equipped with a 1080p camera and dozen high-powered LEDs for lighting. The tether cable comes to a controller brick that in its turn can be connected to your Apple or Android smartphone or tablet via WiFi. Using WiFi netbooks is also supported and that’s where the undersea fun begins.

Some practical uses for this class of submarine can include things like inspecting boat hulls. For me, I would load it with some little torpedoes and start an underwater war in my pool. Certainly that would be much more fun than hull inspection. Or make a blockbuster film for your next installment of Jaws in the open waters. Specs don’t say how much these submarines are hardened against the shark’s bite though, but in any case, the footage will be priceless.