Third Man 45 iPhone Case Incorporates A Real 7″ Vinyl Record

Third Man 45 iPhone Case Incorporates A Real 7″ Vinyl Record


A vinyl record certainly makes us nostalgic and takes us back to those good old days. But these records are nowhere to be found these days except in obscure shops hidden in street plazas, museums and in peoples garages.

But it appears like we can still enjoy those golden memories once again, all thanks to a new product which comes via a partnership between Griffin Technology and Third Man Records. They have unveiled the Third Man 45 iPhone case which protects your iPhone and at the same time allows you to take a trip to the past.

The front of this new unique case is similar to that of the other iPhone cases that are available on the market nowadays. It’s the back that is so unique.

Instead of plain back design, the Third Man 45 iPhone case comes equipped with a real chunk of a 7″ vinyl record that has been custom cut to fit comfortably into the case. It covers and protects the back of your iPhone without blocking the cam too. The case also has obviously has cut-outs so that you can easily access the volume buttons, power button, headphone jack, and so on.

The Third Man 45 case is currently available for the iPhone 4 and 4S with a price tag of $29.99. They have also introduced three additional inserts: The White Stripes on white vinyl, The Raconteurs on black and The Dead Weather on yellow. They are available in a 3-pack for $19.99.