Verizon Sells Galaxy Nexus Smartphone Ahead Of Schedule

Verizon Sells Galaxy Nexus Smartphone Ahead Of Schedule


We knew it was coming, but it’s nice to see that we’re getting a holiday treat just a little bit earlier than we thought. The Samsung Galaxy Nexus is the newest official Google phone and the first to rock Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich. Even though it’s not really supposed to go on sale yet, someone was able to buy one from a local Best Buy store.

His name is David Fayram and he is a senior software engineer at CrowdFlower. He just waltzed into Best Buy, asked for the phone, and bought it from a store employee who sold it to him “by accident.” It’s also said that some other folks have had some luck getting their hands on the Galaxy Nexus ahead of schedule from Verizon stores too.

Fayram reports that this is a “cutting edge phone, without the ostenation and outrageous materials of the Droid Razr.” Sadly, it is loaded with some Verizon bloatware, including My Verizon Mobile and Verizon Migration Assistant. It’s still the “pure” Google experience, I suppose, but bloatware brands the phone beyond that Verizon stamp on the back. To be fair, Canadians can already get the Galaxy Nexus from Bell and Virgin.