Amazon Kindle Touch Jailbreak Using An MP3 File

Amazon Kindle Touch Jailbreak Using An MP3 File [Video]


You will probably kick yourself after reading this article wondering why you didn’t think about it earlier and enjoy yourself a few minutes of fame. Developer Yifan Lu has managed to jailbreak the Amazon Kindle Touch and he has done so in the simplest of ways, by playing an MP3 file.

As you might know, the Kindle Touch isn’t the best that is out there when it comes to specifications and hardware performance. But that does not mean developers will not be interested in the device.

Now, the developers have got a chance to start playing with the device all thanks to Lu who was able to root it with an MP3 file.

And the jailbreak was quite easy since the Touch’s OS uses a lot of easy-to-exploit HTML. The software is written mostly in HTML5 and JavaScript, not the Java on the other Kindles.

If you are planning to jailbreak it, you just have to download an MP3 file and play it on the Kindle Touch.

Lu assembled the special mp3 file which includes his hack buried in the ID3 tags. The ID3 tags execute commands on the Kindle Touch. The hack just installs a key to root the device, quite simple indeed.

But this has not brought any new features to the device. Still, it has definitely opened a door for all the developers out there. Now they can start working on a hack of their own and hopefully bring some awesome stuff.

Check out the video which is proof on the matter. Head here to download the zip file needed for the hack.