Notion Ink Runs Ice Cream Sandwich, Sort Of

Notion Ink Runs Ice Cream Sandwich, Sort Of


An early Ice Cream Sandwich port was demoed for Notion Ink Adam, a 10.1 Tegra 2 based Indian tablet that recently started to cooperate with Tabletroms. The tabletroms forum is an active community of developers that have continued the development of firmware for this one year old tablet.

Although the Notion Ink Adam has largely been forgotten, it still had some unique features such as an optional Pixel Qi transflective screen that keeps working under strong light with e-ink type rendering, and a swivel camera.

Prospects of an official port of Ice Cream Sandwich — apart from what can be found in ICS Android Open Source Project repositories — for Notion Ink device are unclear. Then, in general, Tegra 2 based slates are not the first choice for Google’s ICS developers, to put it mildly.

The demo shows lagginess, glitches, and not much else. Of course, the port might constitute just a very early alpha, and glitches in UI graphics might be removed soon enough. New ports of Ice Cream Sandwich pop up every day this season, so there’s always hope.