Lightsquare’s New 4G Service Interferes With GPS

Lightsquare’s New 4G Service Interferes With GPS


According to a draft summary of the report on a US government test that made its way to Bllomberg Buisinessweek, 75 per cent of all existing GPS devices were showing “incompatibility” and harmful interference when operating in presence of Lightsquare 4G service proposed for a new spectrum.

This piece of ether formerly used by satellite communications has obviously got too close for comfort to GPS bands.

Naturally, Lightsquare denies that their equipment may cause a disruption of this scale when GPS units are set at the 100 yards distance from Lighsquare’s masts.

The present stake on this spectrum piece is quite high, judging from a $3 billion hedge fund established for it.

The 4G high-speed mobile iInternet service by Lightsquare is offered for around 260 million customers from 40,000 base stations. It is unclear at this point, how much and how deep the equipment compliance improvements might be, but they are inevitable.

Whether or not somebody be able to use a GPS device in the vicinity of Lightsquare’s antennas remain to be seen. Ground GPS signal boosters and retransmitters might be a solution for problem areas, but I’m unsure of GPS standards.