Droid 4 And Nexus Delayed On Verizon

Droid 4 And Nexus Delayed On Verizon


Recent rumors had previously suggested that Droid 4 and Galaxy Nexus were launching this week on the Verizon network, now it seems that Verizon has pushed back this rumored launch point altogether. Of course this is assuming that the rumor for this week’s luanch was ever correct to begin with, although I will tell you that reports claim that many official Verizon stores actually believed the would start offering these phones this week as well.

So when can we expect to see the Droid 4 and Galaxy Nexus actually launch? For now, they have yet to pinpoint the actual dates involved. We do know that Verizon is planning on expanding its LTE network to cover 190 markets in the US for December 15th, and so this could possibly be the new target week for both of these highly anticipated Android smartphones.

For now, those craving the Droid 4 or Google’s flagship “Galaxy Nexus” will have to wait just a little while longer I’m afraid.