OpenCL Image Processing Running on Jaguar Android Tablet

OpenCL Image Processing Running on Jaguar Android Tablet


ZiiLABS of Creative continues to show off stunning demos of their Jaguar tablet that runs heavily a customized version of Android.

This time, they are setting the showcase for their implementation of OpenCL. Getting quite complex video effects in smooth live view mode is huge.

The importance of good implementation of OpenCL image processing capabilities is very hard to overestimate.

ZiiLABS positions its Jaguar tablet prototype as a base for a mass production of an “enhanced” media tablet with the manufacturing costs around $100.

It’s a great pity Creative has difficulties in finding a good OEM to mass produce these Jaguars capable to put to a shame many prosumer camcorders of $800 and higher price mark.

We wrote about ZiiLABS Jaguar before, in the news about this tablet running Ice Cream Sandwich. As it became very well known, ICS face recognition feature is mostly a gimmick, or a joke: you can easily fool it using photograph of a person. A very good OpenCL implementation brings Jaguar with its homebrew ICS on the forefront of serious security, pattern recognition and augmented reality (AR) applications.

Check out the video below to see OpenCL in action: