iStation Dock Turns Your iPad Into A Retro-Style Desktop

iStation Dock Turns Your iPad Into A Retro-Style Desktop


For those of us that either lived during the golden age of computers or have collected older machines, there is just something about the classic PCs of the late-70s and early-80s that is just hard to beat. The classic styling of computers like the Apple II and Commodore 64 harken back to a time that is now forgotten in the age of quad-cores and massive amounts of DDR3 RAM.

For those that have a deep passion for these old machines or just plain like the idea of retro devices, the iStation could certainly have some appeal. The iStation isn’t just a dock that holds your iPad and bluetooth keyboard in place for some serious desktop-style work, it is also a nod back to classics like the Apple II and the Apple I (with the woodgrain model).

In truth, do these look anything like the real Apple I or II? Honestly, not even close but they still have a retro feel that makes them seem at home among computers like older Apples, Commodores, and TI machines of the 80s. While a neat looking stand device, it is $85 and so whether that is too steep or not is up to you.

If I had an iPad and not an ThinkPad tablet, would I personally be interested in one? Yes and no. I like the idea of the iStation but I think its a little high on the price side for me, especially when I still have a working Apple II and Commodore 64 within easy reach just downstairs in my basement.

On the other hand, my Commodore 64 can’t play Angry Birds…