EXOdesk Prepares For It’s CES Debut

EXOdesk Prepares For It’s CES Debut


Imagine the possibility on having 40″ inch multi-touch desk replacing the space where you have your keyboard and mouse. This is what EXOdesk will debut in January 2012 at the Consumer Electronics Show.

Multi-touch tablet-style computers are certainly not something new in the market. For instance, let’s remember what we’ve seen with Microsoft Surface, working on a 1080p LCD Samsung SUR40. The big difference on this is that EXOdesk will cost US$ 1299 (Not US$8499 like the Samsung SUR40), so it will be a lot more affordable for average consumers.

Overall the ExoDesk is certainly worth looking out for when it arrives at CES 2012. Will table computers be the wave of the future? Although we all have our doubts, a lower cost product like this could certainly have some specialized uses somewhere I’m sure.