Sony Asks Aaron Sorkin To Write Steve Jobs Movie

Sony Asks Aaron Sorkin To Write Steve Jobs Movie


There is no doubt that Steve Jobs had a major impact on multiple different sectors of the technology industry. He played a major role in many different ways from the founding of Apple, to his involvement with Pixar, his glorious return to Apple, and his role in making Apple a household name with such devices as the iPod, iPhone, and iPad.

So it really is no surprise that Sony Pictures grabbed the rights to Walter Isaccson’s recent Steve Jobs biography and is in the beginning stages of planning a movie based on Job’s very accomplished life. No matter what Sony puts together, it’s likely that a movie about Steve Jobs will do very well but, Sony isn’t just aiming to do well, they want the best. The studio recently asked Aaron Sorkin to take charge as the script writer for the new film.

Right now Aaron Sorkin is considering taking the job, but he hasn’t officially made up his mind one way or another. Considering his past writing projects such as Sports Night, West Wing, and the Social Network he certainly seems like a good fit for the role. Beyond his writing experience Sorkin actually knew and was friends with Jobs himself, making him an even better candidate for the job.

Since the film is so early in development, the details are scarce but considering how much Jobs accomplished during his time, there is plenty of good material for making a great film.