Loytr Releases A New Timeline Facebook App For iPad

Loytr Releases A New Timeline Facebook App For iPad



In September, Facebook unveiled its newest reinvention of the user profile system, Timelines. The feature is still in beta and offers a much more personal feel that allows you to feature your favorite photos, add widgets showcasing such things as your most-recently listened to song, and other features designed to take the Facebook profiles to an enhanced level.

Now Loytr, the developer behind the popular MyPad for Facebook app, has decided to take Timelines to a new level with his iPad app dedicated to browsing through these new profiles. The program is called Timelines for Facebook. Loytr tends to focus on apps that add improved tablet functions to popular social networking sites like Twitter, Facebook, and Google+ for the iPad and generally tend to do very well. Will Timeline for Facebook fare as well as his other apps? It certainly looks like it has potential.

The free app is essentially just a frame around Facebook’s website, which seems to be fairly common for a lot of these kind of iPad apps, but it has a few unique features that certainly make it worth looking at. With Timeline for Facebook you can easily browse through your contact’s timeline profiles in random order or alphabetically. The app also adds cool looking page transitions between profiles that emulates the turning of a page in book.

Timelines is a unique approach for Facebook, and Loytr’s new app is a great way to make the most of it on your iPad.