Navmii iPhone Navigation App Now Free on Android Too

Navmii iPhone Navigation App Now Free on Android Too


When it comes to GPS apps, Navmii is regarded as one of the best for the iPhone. Now, Navmii has decided to take their service to the Android platform in the form of NavFree. NavFree is a new free navigation service that offers a fully functional GPS app ,completely free.  No money, nothing.

The Navmii NavFree app uses maps from an open source mapping system that is based on suggestions and changes directly submitted from over 3.7 million users across the globe. Of course, the downside is that the maps require users to keep the details up to date for themselves through user suggestion.  This means there is a chance of ocassional inaccuracies data is not up to date or found. There is a larger probability of running into map errors in more rural areas as well, but you can always add information to the project yourself to make it better.

The NavFree maps have over 20,000 map corrections made each month by its users, so it is fairly likely that the app has a more accurate mapping system than one would expect from a free GPS solution that last updated when it rolled off the assembly line.  Maps will cover Europe, North America, Australia, new Zealand, India, South Africa, and Latin America which should keep most of us covered.

NavFree might not be the perfect navigation app, it might not even have maps in your area, but you have to give it to the company’s ability to load so many features into one free package.  We may expect location based offers in the future in order to monetize their service.

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