HacPro Touch: A Samsung x86 Tablet Running OS X

HacPro Touch: A Samsung x86 Tablet Running OS X


There are many ways to pay homage to the Genius design of Apple products.  One of them, certainly will invite some attention from Cupertino giant is the Hackintosh movement.  The folks out of this group of talented hackers must wear their Apple’sCease and Desist” letters as badges of honor or something.  Now, 9to5mac.com demo’d a Samsung tablet normally meant to run Windows 7 but running OS X Lion instead; they call it the HacPro Touch.

It’s only working on video out, and the HDMI link routinely blanks the tablet screen.  There’s also no output on the main tablet screen just yet. However, if you are interested in x86 tablets running OS X you should follow tonimacx86 forum.

If you ask me, sure, I’m a proponent of everything running on everything, Arduino robots included. But as much as I’m trying to look into the depths of my Crystal Ball, I just can’t see much of the future for x86 tablets in 2012 and beyond. Sure, it could be just me, but I’m kinda sick and tired of fans and grills for heated air exhaust on x86 tablets.

But when we talk about ARM-based devices, sure, count me interested. Apple software running on other devices other than Apple’s may look sexy to some, but always troublesome. If done correctly could create much needed hype for Samsung slates, but until then, its a work in progress.