A Skinny Little iPad 2 Keyboard Review

A Skinny Little iPad 2 Keyboard Review


I’m writing the review of a device I am writing about using the device I am writing about. If it wasn’t such a painful experience this review may have been a bit more positive, but since I have chosen to write the review from the very device I am testing you’re going to get a raw look at how it performs. Here is an unedited snip:

i dnot have an issue with the lack if tactke feed back, nor with the $90 oprice piount, my main issue stems from the responsivebess of the nkeyboard itself, its so sensitive, very sensitive, in fact too sensitive. for some nstrange reason somke keys are moare sensitive than others, while making an inconsistent typinag experience all around. if my finger lightly hovers over one area, ,it will activiate that keystroke.. this ends up resulting in all kinds of extra charectars getting mixxec up in between othersf. theres aso the spacing of th ekeys.. they are a bit different than what i am used to so this may contribute in me being unable to not accidentaly press additional keys..

As you see, the above text was left raw and unedited and simply painful. My apologies, the rest of the review was edited on a normal Apple Bluetooth Keyboard otherwise it would never get finished. Things like spelling and double characters were corrected to prevent you from going mad reading it.

By focusing very carefully on the keys and looking at the keyboard closely, I am able to train myself to only touch the exact key I am intending to touch. By hovering my hands over top and not resting them anywhere, i’m be able to just drop a finger on it in a traditional QWERTY fashion. Although let me tell you, it feels very odd and unnatural. For one, hovering directly over top the keyboard dropping each finger one by one does not feel normal, it also gives you the terrible viewing angle you saw in the first photograph above. I think once you get past the learning curve of very carefully tapping each button precisely and making sure to be exact, the oddness of the viewing angle postion is no longer a distraction and becomes a real life nuisance. I wonder if it was tested by any humans before the company decided to mass produce it. I would never want to look at any screen the way this one forces you to. If you wanted to face the screen you would literally have to crouch down and arch your back in the most uncomfortable position at a desk. If you were on the floor, it would look like you were doing yoga child pose with your hands out in front of you. Sure, it’s a good way to stretch out your back, but you’ll kill your neck in a few minutes trying to correct the extra keystrokes you just pressed.

The keys are colored nice, the geiger-counter-esque keyboard ticks are kinda cool and can be turned off, I like the use of quck launch keys, it has its own internal battery, easily connects via Blueooth, charges via Micro-USB. But the keyboard is still overly sensitive with an unconventional viewing angle I couldn’t imagine enduring for any length of time. I wish the company would have done some real people testing, or maybe just sent us a unit before going all out and producing them, it’s really put together nicely. It may have avoided these issues like ergonomics and keystroke performance like I experienced. As it stands though, I would not recommend the SKINNY Bluetooth Keyboard Case for iPad 2 by Hatch & Co..