What Is Apple Hiding Within Its Coding?

What Is Apple Hiding Within Its Coding?


Ever since the release of iMessage for iOS 5, it seems likely that Apple has plans to integrate some of their messages into a unified solution that will work for both Mac OS and iOS. Recent coding discovered by John Heaton strongly suggests that such a solution might be on the horizon for both OSX and iOS users.

The string of code doesn’t specifically mention iChat, but it does make reference to other instant messaging services such as Jabber, FaceTime, AIM, and iMessage. This at least hints that a possible integration is in the works.

It has been speculated that iMessage may soon be added to OSX either as a separate program or integrated somehow into the existing iChat program, although just a rumor the arrival of this coding does suggest Apple is working on something. Apple has a history of unifying its services when possible and streamlining it all together so it just works, without the hassle of multiple programs and services running.  Imagine opening up just one app and having access to all your favorite IM clients, including the iMessage service. Sounds a bit like Trillian.

For now the unification of iMessage and other chat solutions is simply a rumor. While I advise that we don’t get our hopes up just yet, it seems very likely that this integration will happen. For now, we will just have to keep our fingers crossed and wait.