New Hypersonic Weapon Travels Five Times Faster Than Speed Of Sound

New Hypersonic Weapon Travels Five Times Faster Than Speed Of Sound


The US Department of Defense is always on the cutting edge of technological development, creating new weapons and defense mechanisms that would have been considered science fiction just a decade or two earlier. On Thursday such a weapon was successfully tested by the US Army.

The new weapon is called an Advanced Hypersonic Weapon and is capable of traveling around the world in under five hours. Although the army was the first to successfully demonstrate the technology, other departments such as the Air Force are also working on similar AHW vehicles.

The AHW vehicle was launched from the military’s Pacific Missile Range Facility on Kauai at about 1:30am and traveled more than 2,300 miles to Kwajalein Atoll in less than half an hour. The goal of the weapon is to allow prompt global strikes anywhere in the world in as little as an hour, and judging by the successful flight test it is more than capable of living up to this objective.

The purpose of Thursday’s test was actually to collect data on technologies that boost the hypersonic vehicle and allow it to glide. The US Army also was testing to see how the vehicle handled long-range flight. The weapon will also be able to maneuver to avoid flying over third party nations as it reaches its target and uses a precision guidance system to home in on its target.

Decades earlier delivering such strikes would have taken countless hours and required a traditional pilot. Technology has changed a lot whether it’s your iPhone, computer, or even military technology. Whether or not this weapon makes you feel safer or more worried is up to you, nonetheless it is an interesting piece of technology.