OVO-4: The $60,000 Egg-Shaped Flight Sim For Your Bedroom

OVO-4: The $60,000 Egg-Shaped Flight Sim For Your Bedroom


Playing Flight Simulator on your regular desktop computer really doesn’t mimic the real world experience. Getting real flight hours with a real flight instructor isn’t exactly the cheapest or most convenient option either. What if you could do that flying thing from the comfort of your own home?

That’s where the OVO-4 soars into the picture. This is a full-motion flight simulator that’s small enough to fit in your house. The egg-shaped capsule houses three monitors, simulated controls, and all the motors and such needed to give you the full-motion experience. That includes rumbling for simulated turbulence, as well as having the whole capsule pitch and roll in time with Microsoft’s Flight Simulator X.

You can have them configure the inside the mimic the look and feel of a Cessna 172, Piper Seneca, Mooney Bravo, or — if you prefer — some generic layout for some generic plane. There’s even a “smart lighting system” that adjusts the interior lighting to represent the ambient lighting depicted in the game simulator.

The whole shi-bang will cost you GBP35,995 (just under $60k US), including delivery, installation, and setup. Find it for sale on VirtualFly, a Spanish company.