BBX Phone Leaked? Check Out The Blackberry London

BBX Phone Leaked? Check Out The Blackberry London

Blackberry London

Blackberry LondonIt appears that the Verge has gotten a hold of the first online photo of the next iteration of Blackberry devices, a phone dubbed as the Blackberry London. The phone is supposedly equipped with a TI OMAP dual-core 1.5GHz CPU, 1GB or RAM, 16GB storage, 8MP rear camera, and a 2MP front-facing camera as well. The London is thinner than the iPhone 4 and roughly the same size as the Galaxy S II.

The photo shows the phone running some variation of the PlayBook’s OS, though the coloring and icons are somewhat different. According to the source the photo was of a ‘dummy’ model and so the OS in the screen is likely just a static image.

The phone has some similarities in design to the RIM Porsche Designed P9981. It is still unclear whether or not this is a scam or the real deal. The website BGR also speaks up on the Verge story and claims they have a source saying the this a real BBX handset, and that the original Playbook-looking model, the so-called Colt, was scrapped in favor of the London. According to the source the London might not be ready until the 3rd quarter of 2012.

For now it’s best to take these reports with a grain of salt. Obviously Blackberry has not made any official comments regarding the supposed leak. Blackberry isn’t the king of smartphones like it was just a few short years ago, but I have to admit that the London is an interesting looking device at the very least.